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Tailored solutions for Hotels, B&Bs and residences

entrance doormats, Personalized Doormats for Hotels

Personalized Doormats for Hotels

We create customized doormats of all kinds for hotels, B&Bs, residences and other businesses.

From Zermat to high-twist nylon, depending on the carpet to be made.

FM Graphic Design guarantees design and style in its products. We ship throughout Italy.

Discover our services dedicated to hotels and the hospitality sector, request a quote from our experts.

Tailored Solutions for Hotels

We create customized doormats for hotels of all kinds for law firms, accountants and other businesses.

Our offer on carpets includes both handcrafted and printed doormats, these are highly professional products.

Depending on the logo to be created, you can choose one type or the other. With a more complicated logo, the printed solution is preferred, however with a simpler logo or writing, the handmade solution will give a touch of style and unique design.

On the right you can see an example of a handmade doormat made for a law and tax firm.

Discover our services dedicated to law firms, request a quote from our experts.

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entrance doormats

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