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3D Lettering and Personalized Logos

custom logos
3d wall lettering, 3d lettering in relief, written in relief, raised letters, 3d letters. We realize letters in mirrored plexiglass, in mdf and printed mdf.

3d lettering

With the 3d lettering wall lamp you can give a touch of elegance to your wall with quality materials and a unique and unmistakable design. We only use the highest quality inks, such as Lus-170. Also we cut with co2 laser ensuring unique style and design.

3D wall logo

Create your own 3d wall logo, decorate your office with style! Furthermore, if you need a different material from those listed above, contact us and we will offer you the best solution.

Wall writings in relief

We create embossed wall lettering, wooden lettering, wall letters, 3D letters, letters to stick on the wall. We also take care of graphic design, where required.

Custom Logo

Le 3D writing and customized logos wall mounted can be used level advertising inside or outside companies, offices, shops and shopping centers. We can create any type of logo, enhancing the brand and the 3D effect. Choose FM Graphic Design, call now or request a free quote.

Personalized lettering online

You can choose MDF wood, plexiglass, opaline plexiglass, forex and much more. Furthermore, to increase the 3D effect, you can also choose to combine materials.

Shipping throughout Italy

We ship throughout Italy, the packaging will be well structured and resistant to minimize possible breakages or chipping.

Quick and easy assembly of 3D lettering

You can proceed with the application of the 3D writings directly to the wall and fixing is simplified by the use of Template for pre-spaced letters that is, a mask that will indicate the correct positioning of the writing. We supply the letters with double-sided tape.

Custom Logo

Il Plexiglass it is a very resistant and elegant material, ideal for showing the company logo. Highly recommended for custom logos o professional 3d lettering and advertising. Available in thicknesses: 2 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm.

3D shaped and personalized writings

Personalized writing can also be shaped. The shaped differs from the pre-spaced because the letters or elements are not separated from each other.

Print personalized 3D lettering

Choose FM graphic Design to create your logo or logo custom written

With our own 3d lettering you will create elegant and creative communication, stand out from the competition!

Our printing machines are cutting-edge and guarantee incredible print quality at very high resolution.

What machinery do we use?

FM Graphic Design uses exclusively cutting-edge machinery, cutting and engraving are done via CO2 laser cutting, while printing is done via UV LED. Furthermore, we use DTF printing for fabrics.

What inks do we use?

As we were saying, we use innovative machinery of the highest quality printing on every type of material, from films, to plaques/signs for customizing shops and exhibition stands, to plexiglass, glass and much more. Our inks they are GREENGUARD GOLD certified. It ensures a worldwide safety standard for low emission of chemical substances (VOCs). These inks can also be safely used in environments such as schools and hospitals. Fm Graphic Design searches for innovative and excellent products.

What materials are available?

The available materials are aluminium, forex and wood, in the colors and thicknesses indicated. They may already be equipped with double-sided tape on the back. For wooden materials, on request, the upper edge can be rounded.

Cutting and Engraving

Thanks to our laser cutting machines, we create all types of engraved plaque. We can customize each plaque, writing, sign and much more.

See which materials can be processed with this machine.

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