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Custom Clothing

We create quality personalized t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts with Direct Digital Printing. Direct digital printing uses water-based inks that are absorbed by the fibers of the garment for an outstanding final print result.

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FM Graphic Design Shop is also your company's personalized clothing. Click on "request a quote", one of our experts will contact you shortly!


We have customized work clothing for shops and companies, SMEs and large businesses, institutions and associations, restaurants, pizzerias, advertising agencies, sports clubs.

Personalized Clothing for Companies

FM Graphic Design offers customized clothing from 10 pieces up. Customize clothes with the brand of your restaurant, pizzeria or company.

THE custom clothing for companies it is very useful on a promotional level, but it can be that something extra for give cohesion to the working group. When a person feels part of a group, perfect and united, the motivation will be greater, the work will be less hard and the goal will be easier to achieve.

On FM Graphic Design you will find t-shirts, sweatshirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, caps, aprons, trousers, up to customization even for the most particular situations. FM Graphic Design also customizes work overalls, bibs and jackets.

Clothing for companies

- customized clothes they are very useful as promotional products for your brand. The uses ofcustomized clothing for companies are multiple, in all cases it is about advertising gadgets really effective.

Custom Work Clothes

Choose personalized t-shirts or caps, for example if you participate in an event with your company, in order to differentiate yourself from other companies.

We have many clothing su FM Graphic Design: choose the solution you prefer.

Call now or request a free quote online. One of our experts will contact you to offer you the best possible solution for your needs.

The advantages of the company uniform

For a customer, it is decidedly easier to identify the skills and role of one of your employees if you use an appropriate uniform.

Choose thecustomized clothing for companies it means making the customer perceive a refined and efficient image.

More and more companies care about these details. L'custom clothing it is widely used, especially in recent years.

FM Graphic Design He is very reliable, competent and professional!

We are suppliers of workwear online. Call now or request a free quote online!

Personalized workwear 

In a work context wear customized clothes it is essential to give a competent and professional impression of the company. A quality personalized suit is very important in the eyes of the customer.

In particular for some sectors it is a coordinated uniform for all employees or workers is essential. Both for a corporate image aspect and for hygiene reasons.

Every job has its own dress code, in the past this aspect was not so important, today, however, it is of fundamental importance to have personalized and coordinated work clothes. Choose Fm Graphic Design, call now or request a free quote online.

Custom work clothes

Workwear is essential for a correct communication and promotional function.

Let's think about the name or personalized logo of a wellness center or restaurant on the workers' uniform). The work clothes they offer a certain credibility to the company, employees and customers.

Personalized T-Shirts and Personalized Sweatshirts

What to look for when choosing custom work clothes. Quality is the first aspect. Clothing must have a high technical value as well as resist washing Frequently.

Call now and request a free online quote, one of our experts will show you the best solution and guide you in the most effective choice based on your request. Don't worry, you're in good hands! With FM Graphic Design! Quality, competence and professionalism!



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