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A new technique to personalize fabrics

La customization of fabrics is one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry digital printing. Printed clothing is increasingly in demand. For this reason we invest in new techniques for customizing fabrics.

Thanks to this new Direct-to-Film technology, it is possible to customize any type of fabric.

What is DTF printing?

DTF is a printing technique that provides a direct color printing on film about 75 µm thick which is then transferred onto the fabric. It is a much better technology than the classic transfer or thermoadhesive. It ensures thinner, faster and higher quality printing.

What are the advantages of the DTF technique?

photographic resolution

DTF printing reproduces photos and images in photographic quality, with excellent colors and maximum detail.

Very thin print

The print transferred to the fabric thanks to DTF technology is very thin and light

High strength and elasticity

The print does not crease over time, as is the case with other techniques. Therefore, the garment can be ironed without it starting to crease or lose elasticity.

Respect the environment

DTF is one green and environmentally friendly printing technique. The Direct-to-Film system does not use water, does not generate liquid waste and involves the use of latest generation printers (ie low consumption).

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