Frequently asked questions

The timing depends on the product. They will be specified by our specialist in the budgeting phase. Our products require very specific processes, they are not mass production.

Here are some examples:

Doormats: 12-15 working days

Clean-off: 18-20 working days

Embossed Writings and Logos: 7-10 working days

Personalized plates: 7-10 working days

To understand the differences between the two we recommend that you read this article.

No, the writings and plates are easy to apply and can be installed independently (we ship throughout Italy). For the 3d writings we also provide a video, for the plates it depends on the environment where they will be installed (for which we will provide the details).

We use innovative machinery that ensures very high print quality on thin and thick materials, such as films for packaging prototypes, panels for the personalization of points of sale and exhibition stands, decoration in wood, glass, marble and other materials for building, metal decoration and much more. We also use GREENGUARD GOLD certified inks, which ensure compliance with the most stringent global safety standards for low chemical emissions (VOCs) and can also be used in sensitive environments such as schools and healthcare facilities.

Absolutely yes. We create, create and print all kinds of logos on numerous supports (including shaped ones).

To understand how we follow our customers, we recommend that you read this page.

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